About us

Creo Dental Prosthetics

is a state of the art full service dental laboratory.

We specialize in both implant and esthetic dentistry; capable of full mouth rehabilitation. Our products and service have given Creo Dental its reputation as one of the best dental laboratories in New York City and is used by New York University College of Dentistry.
We are located in the heart of Herald Square with close proximity to the subway which makes our facility easily accessible.

How are we different? Creo Dental is different from other dental lab facilities in many ways. For instance, our talented team of laboratory technicians have over 30 years of industry experience and are well equipped to handle complex cases. Their serious work ethic and capability is what contributes to the success of Creo Dental. Since 2006, our commitment to excellence steams from our boutique lab days where we were known as Oral Arts NYC. Being able to offer the latest products and techniques at an affordable price is the foundation of our practice. Friendly and knowledgeable administrative staff is committed to work closely with practitioners to make sure every issue is properly addressed. Our impeccable staff works diligently in recording phone calls, greeting clients, have great interpersonal skills and excellent customer relations.

One of the major issues when dealing with challenging restorations is aesthetics. To help reduce rework and unnecessary appointments, we open our beautiful facility to your patients, so that we know exactly what your patient wants. We offer this service so that it reduces the time your practice has to spend as well as making sure your patients are satisfied with our work. For large and advanced cases, we will at your request, send out our dental technicians to your practice to aid your office and make sure your patient receives the best prosthetic possible.

Educational Seminar and CE credits:
As one of our clients you will have access to educational seminars held in our demonstration hall at a reduced rate. We are committed to bringing our clients the latest and most relevant training to aid your practice including advanced implant techniques to CPR recertification.