Swiss Turn Technology


Swiss-Turn technology will allow Solidex® abutments to be duplicated to exact measurements. A second abutment can be prescribed at the same time or at a later date. The duplicate abutment is very useful if the practitioner wants to place it during the healing process while the other is used to fabricate the crown at CreoDent. This shortens the turnaround time significantly!

Swiss-Turn technology will significantly boost our accuracy rate, reducing the difference to less than an 8 micron (0.008mm) level. This will also shorten the turnaround time by having a simultaneous workflow to mill Zirconia crown/PMMA Temp and Solidex® custom abutment at the same time.

Solidex® abutments are custom designed for implant based, cement retained restorations. Our Solidex® production lines are compatible to most major implant systems in the U.S. Since, Solidex® abutments are custom designed, they will have optimal results in function and esthetics – first time and every time.

Practitioners have a different options to choose among biocompatible materials to produce Solidex® abutments for optimal results for any case. The abutments are produced in titanium, gold anodized titanium and 4 shades of Zirconia. The Zirconia hybrid abutments have a titanium base to integrate with the implant system.

All Solidex® abutments will come with two screws. One working and one final for best finishing results.

By using Solidex® abutments practitioners will have better restoration results:
• Better support and retention on final restoration.
• Excellent results on emergence profile to give more natural esthetic look.
• Margins can be placed at an ideal level for easy and safe removal of excess cement.
• No chair side modification is needed
• Produced and designed individually for custom fit.
• FDA 510(k) cleared.
•Milled in house with the latest technology in the dental laboratory industry (Swiss-Turn CNC).
• Option to have retention grooves.

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