Materials Properties of Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate


Zirconia When restoring a tooth, the clinician faces what material should be used for the restoration. The major factors that may influence the final choice are esthetics and strength of prostheses. Metal ceramics have been conventionally used as reliable materials. However, due to the request of esthetic dentistry, all ceramic prostheses are replacing metal based restorations more and more. Zirconia has been used in prosthetic dentistry for the fabrication of crowns and fixed partial dentures for more than 15 years, in combination with CAD/CAM techniques. Zirconia (ZrO2), also named as “ceramic steel”, has optimum properties for dental use with superior [...]

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Digital Complete Denture: Where We Are and What’s Next


Introduction According to the American Dental Association in 2014, more than one third of Americans did not visit a dentist at all in the past year. Infrequent or inconsistent dental health care puts patients at risk of tooth loss due to advanced caries or periodontal disease. Unfortunately, despite improvements in dental technology and science, the total number of patients who are becoming edentulous has not decreased in recent years.According to prospective studies in the United States, the number of patients who are fully edentulous in one or both jaws will continue to increase, from 33.6 million in 1991 to almost [...]

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A Review of Digital Impression Technology


1. Conventional Impression Technique, Digital impression Technique Since the eighteenth century, conventional impression techniques have been used to fabricate dental models. However, conventional impression techniques might have some errors regarding volumetric changes of impression materials and expansion of dental stone. Also, conventional technique is much influenced by the proficiency of practitioners. To overcome these difficulties, Digital impression was developed for dental practice with numerous advantages for practitioners. CAD/CAM was first introduced to Dentistry for single unit restorations about thirty years ago, and it has substantially contributed to advancement in technology in the last decade. Nowadays, Intraoral Scanner (IOS) and CAD/CAM [...]

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