CreoZ: Screw-Retained 2

  • #1 A patient came in with non-restorable maxillary teeth. Several treatment options were discussed, including a conventional full denture, implant overdenture, and a screw retained implant bridge. The patient chose to proceed with implant treatment for a screw-retained zirconia bridge.
  • #2 Impressions were taken after the integration of the implant fixture and a master cast was fabricated.

  • #3 The next steps, such as verification of implant position, bite registration, evaluation of function and esthetics with a PMMA CAD/CAM temporary bridge, and final restoration, were processed according to protocol.

  • #4 The zirconia framework was fabricated with the cut-back technique and porcelain was layered on the facial, buccal, and tissue region.

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