CreoZ – Zirconia Full Arch Implant Restoration

  • #1 Dental implants were placed in the maxilla and mandible partially edentulous arch. Preliminary impressions were made and poured with model stone for the fabrication of custom trays and wax rim. Fixture level impressions were made. The bite registration and centric relation were taken using wax rim. The verification of implant positions was performed. To evaluate esthetics, phonetics, and vertical dimensions Milled PMMA provisional were sent. Bite registration was taken with PMMA bridges after minor adjustment. Monolithic Zirconia restoration was chosen to avoid chipping, and cracks that often compromise acrylic appliances and layered zirconia restorations.

    Monolithic zirconia implant bridges were milled with a simultaneous 5-axis milling machine with 1100 MPa zirconia disc and shaped at green stage. Pink coloring liquid was applied on the gingival area.

  • #2 After sintering, the final restorations were finished with the stain and glazing technique after minor adjustment.

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