Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) Bridge #9 to 10

  • #1 The implant placement resulted in abutment screw access being approached from the labioincisal aspect and #10 also had to be restored. For these reasons, a cement retained PFM implant bridge was chosen to provide proper strength of restoration and remove esthetic concern.
  • #2 A gold-cast custom abutment was fabricated using a UCLA abutment. The margin of the abutment was placed 1.0mm subgingival at labial, 0.7mm subgingival at interproximal, and 0.5mm subgingival at lingual to facilitate easy removal of excess cement.

  • #3 The metal coping with cantilevered pontic was made of semi-precious alloy.

  • #4 The final PFM bridge was fabricated by the conventional method.

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