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    Acrylic Partial Denture

    Acrylic resin prostheses, or “flippers” maintain space and restore function during treatment until a definitive prosthesis is made. Its esthetic properties, ability to be easily repaired and adjusted, and lower cost makes it an attractive alternative to other types of removable partial dentures.

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    • A type of removable partial denture is an all-acrylic resin prosthesis, which is also known as a temporary, interim removable partial denture or a “flipper”. It acts as a space maintainer and is usually used to restore the function during the treatment until the definitive prosthesis is fabricated. When compared to the other types of removable partial dentures, the acrylic resin removable partial denture has 3 favorable aspects: the economic aspect, its aesthetic quality, and the ease with which it can be extended and adjusted. Furthermore, acrylic resin removable partial dentures can be supplied with clasps or reinforced by fibers or metal wires.

    • A type of acrylic partial denture is a Nesbit. A Nesbit is a removable partial denture for only one side of the upper or lower arch. It replaces a tooth or teeth and usually is retained by clasps, preferably with rests on the supporting teeth to prevent the denture from settling into the gum tissue. Patients may feel that this has the benefit of being single-sided and therefore there is no connecting metal or plastic across the roof of the mouth or behind the lower front teeth to connect to the opposite side of the jaw.

    • Cheaper alternative

    • Easy to repair and reline

    • Wrought wire component incorporated

    • Components of acrylic partial denture:

      • Acrylic denture base
      • Artificial teeth
      • Direct retainer (wrought wire clasps or clear flexible clasps)


    • Situations that require temporary or provisional restorations, case plans involving future removal of teeth

    • For patients who are allergic to base metal alloy.

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