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Feldspathic Veneers

Veneers help in taking care of cosmetic issues like chipping, spacing, and staining. They can change the color, anatomy, and function of the tooth.

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  • Veneers are a minimally-invasive treatment method to remove common cosmetic issues such as chipping, spacing, or stained teeth.

  • By means of minimal or sometimes no reduction, the facial, incisal and proximal surfaces receive an adhesively bonded aesthetic veneer that can alter color, anatomy, and/or function. Several types of all ceramic systems have been developed with special attention to glass-matrix ceramics due to their high translucency, and fabrication methods varying from hand-made to CAD/CAM

  • Feldspathic porcelain veneer with refractory die:

    Traditional feldspathic porcelain systems have long been indicated due to their optical properties and present long-term history of success


A systematic review on the survival and complication rates of laminate veneers has shown a slightly higher estimated survival for glass-ceramics (94%) compared to feldspathic porcelain (87%) although differences were not statistically different (Romanini-Junior et al., Monolithic CAD/CAM laminate veneers: Reliability and failure modes, Dental materials, 2020)

Survival Rate (%)

Thickness Requirements


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