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    Full Cast Crown

    Offered in high-quality and biocompatible alloys, full cast crowns are the longest lasting of fixed restorations, making them well-suited solutions for the posterior teeth. They can serve to rebuild a single tooth or act as retainer for a fixed dental prosthesis.

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    • Although esthetic factors may limit its application, the all-metal complete cast crown should always be offered to patients requiring restoration for badly damaged posterior teeth. The complete cast crown has the best longevity of all fixed restorations. It can be used to rebuild a single tooth or as a retainer for a fixed dental prosthesis. It involves all axial walls, as well as the occlusal surface of the tooth being restored.

    • CreoZir has optimum properties for dental use with superior toughness, strength, increased translucency full cast restorations are available in high-quality and biocompatible alloys that help preserve the oral health of patients.

    • The complete cast crown is indicated on endodontically treated teeth. Its superior strength compensates for the loss of tooth structure that results from previous restorations, carious lesions, and endodontic access.

    • CreoDent uses only ADA approved Type II, III, and IV High Noble Alloys.

    • Biocompatible

    • Gentle on opposing dentition

    • Ductility and malleability

    Ideal Thickness Requirements

    • Minimum recommended clearance is 1 mm on nonfunctional (noncentric) cusps and 1.5 mm on functional (centric) cusps. The occlusal reduction should follow normal anatomic contours to remain as conservative of tooth structure as possible. Axial reduction should parallel the long axis of the tooth but allow for the recommended 6-degree taper or convergence, which is the angle measured between opposing axial surfaces

    • Any margin preparation may be used


    • For the posterior region with tight occlusal space

    • Crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays

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