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    Produced using CAD/CAM technology, porcelain fused to zirconia crowns are a natural-looking restoration well-suited for use on anterior teeth. Their zirconia substructure and porcelain exterior helps to imitate the esthetics of a real tooth.

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    • Porcelain fused to zirconia crowns are formed by porcelain being combined with zirconium oxide. The zirconia substructure is layered with porcelain to mimic natural teeth using the excellent translucent property of Feldspathic porcelain. The PFZ crowns are designed and milled using CAD/CAM technology. They are used for restorative purposes and improve the functional and esthetic qualities. PFZ crowns unlike PFM crowns allow more light to pass through them and this makes them more suitable to be used on anterior teeth.

    • The use of zirconium oxide as a core material for complete-coverage crowns provides better esthetic characteristics, mechanical properties, and biocompatibility

    • An alternative to PFM’s, the PFZ is more esthetic than a full contour zirconia restoration and can be prescribed anywhere in the mouth

    • Excellent esthetics. No black line or gingival graying

    • Biocompatibility. No allergic reactions or tissue irritation


    Blatz et al. reported the outcomes of 2,635 posterior crowns fabricated by the present authors’ laboratory for a variety of private practitioners (14 prosthodontists and 8 general dentists). This survey concluded that the survival times and probabilities of PFZ crowns were statistically similar to those of PFM crowns. The translucency of the zirconia core decreases light reflection at the cervical area; thus, PFZ crowns offer a more natural appearance compared to PFM crowns. Unlike glass-ceramic, zirconia also offers a certain level of masking ability. Depending on the targeted shade, the color of an abutment tooth and the light reflection at the cervical area can be controlled using appropriate internal stains. PFZ crowns can be fabricated using the same two-layer technique used for the PFM crowns. (Saito et al., Porcelain fused to metal and All ceramic crowns for posterior teeth: Material science and laboratory procedures, QDT 2013, pp1-11)

    Ideal Thickness Requirements


    • Crowns and bridges up to 14 units

    • Implant-supported crowns and bridges

    • Maryland bridges

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