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POM, a Press-on-Metal ceramic, has the advantages of both the casting and press techniques. The Press-On-Metal technique allows you to consistently fabricate restorations that fit accurately and are highly esthetic restorations in little time.


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  • POM is a Press-on-Metal ceramic that optimally combines the advantages of the casting and press techniques. Compared to the layering technique, the wax-up of POM in the press-on-metal technique corresponds to the final shape. There is no need for cut-back or ceramic layering.

  • The POM ingots are made of a glass-ceramic material containing leucite and based on synthetic glass raw materials, which contain small quantities of opalescent glass-ceramic and translucent components. This gives a highly esthetic appearance.

  • The Press-On-Metal technique allows you to fabricate accurately fitting and highly esthetic restorations in no time and with a consistent, reproducible quality.

  • Less chipping, less fracturing

  • Fully anatomical pressing on masked metal crown and bridge frameworks


Survival Rate (%): 5 Year Results

The estimated cumulative survival rate of the zirconia-based crowns after 5 years (97.73 ± 2.19) was similar to that of the metal-based crowns (97.44 ± 2.39). No statistical differences were detected between the two groups.

(Monaco et, al., Zirconia-based versus metal-based single crowns veneered with overpressing ceramic for restoration of posterior endodontically treated teeth: 5-year results of a randomized controlled clinical study, J of Dent, Vol.65, 2017, pp56-63)

Ideal Thickness Requirements

Cervical area 1.1 mm
Middle area 1.5 mm
Incisal, Occlusal area 2.0 mm
Margin Chamfer margin
  • The preparation must provide sufficient space to achieve stable and esthetic metal-ceramic restorations.

  • With conventional cementation, a minimum height of 3mm of the prepared tooth and a convergence angle of approx. 6° must be observed.


  • Crowns and bridges up to 14 units

  • Severely discolored teeth

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