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    Screw Retained Hybrid Denture

    The Screw-retained hybrid denture combines the use of acrylic teeth and a lightweight titanium bar, both of which have a variety of designs available for your choosing.

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    • Screw Retained Hybrid Denture offers a lightweight Titanium Bar with precision and strength.

    • Screw Retained Hybrid Denture is a combination restoration using acrylic teeth and a titanium CAD/CAM designed bar.

    • A variety of titanium bar designs and denture teeth are available based on your case preferences.

    • The implant-supported metal-acrylic resin complete fixed dental prosthesis, originally referred to as a hybrid prosthesis, was introduced to address the problems caused by unstable and uncomfortable mandibular dentures. The primary factor that determines the restoration type is the amount of intra-arch space. In addition, other patient-relevant clinical parameters such as lip support, high maxillary lip line during smiling, a low mandibular lip line during speech or the patient’s greater aesthetic demands should be evaluated.


    An alternative to the traditional porcelain–metal fixed prosthesis is a hybrid restoration. This restoration design uses a smaller metal framework, with denture teeth and acrylic to join these elements together. This restoration is less expensive to fabricate and is highly aesthetic because of the premade denture teeth and acrylic pink soft tissue replacements. In addition, the intermediary acrylic between the denture teeth and framework may reduce the impact force of dynamic occlusal loads. The hybrid prosthesis is easier to repair in the case of porcelain fracture because the denture tooth may be replaced with less risk than adding porcelain to a traditional porcelain–metal restoration. The reduced metal framework compared with a porcelain-to-metal fixed prosthesis exhibits fewer dimensional changes and may more accurately fit. This type of fixed prosthesis is often indicated for implant restorations with a large crown height space. A hybrid restoration may use porcelain denture teeth, surrounded by acrylic, which binds to a metal substructure. The damping effect of acrylic to decrease the impact force is still present, yet the risk of occlusal porcelain fracture is reduced. This construction is also easier to repair if the fracture does occur long term.

    (Carl E. Misch, The completely edentulous mandible: Treatment Plans for fixed restorations, Dental implant prosthetics, 2nd edition, Elsevier-Mosby, 2014)


    • Minimum 15 mm from the bone to the occlusal plane is required. When less than this dimension is available, metal ceramics or CreoZ is suggested.


    • Fixed implant prosthesis for edentulous patients

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