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Solidex Customized Abutment

Our Solidex customized abutments are specific to each patient, providing optimum contours for the restoration and resulting in better esthetics and function. All of our Solidex products have passed 5 million cycle bench tests for FDA 510(k) clearance.

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  • There is no longer a need to wax and cast abutments, CAD/CAM Solidex customized abutments are economical to fabricate and provide optimum contours for the restoration resulting in better esthetics and function.

  • Our capabilities include Swiss-Turn CNC Milling machines reaching 5 microns of precision. All Solidex products have passed 5 million cycle bench tests for FDA 510(k) clearance. Our FDA 510(K) cleared Solidex customized abutments will provide you with peace of mind knowing your restoration cases are in good hands.

  • CAD/CAM abutments are specific for each patient, similar to laboratory made abutments. However, the results are much more consistent. Most of the inherent dimensional inaccuracies of waxing, investing, and casting are eliminated. A homogenous mass of titanium with optimum material properties is a result of CAD/CAM machining.

  • The advantage of cement retention lies in the compensation of improperly inclined implants, easier achievement of passive fit due to the cement layer between the implant abutment and reconstruction, lack of a screw access hole, and thus the presence of an intact occlusal table and easier control of occlusion.

  • Easier to correct the angulations of implants

  • Natural emergence profile and esthetic outcome

  • Two options available:

    • Titanium Customized Abutment with retention grooves
    • Zirconia Hybrid Customized Abutment with Ti-base
  • Available gold hue abutments and screws


“….to protect the peri-implant structures, it is imperative to have a long-standing, effective barrier as otherwise there bacteria could penetrate, affecting the primary stability, initial healing, or long-term success of implant-supported restorations…. Abrahammson et al. showed how the abutment material influenced height and quality of the tissues, whereby titanium and ceramic abutments caused formation of mucosal attachment and metal-ceramic abutments led to soft tissue recession and increased crestal bone resorption…. Superior material homogeneity, custom designing, ease of fabrication in addition to supporting poor tissue contours, and eliminating compatibility concerns of dissimilar metal alloys are the various advantages being offered by CAD-CAM technology….”

(Abichandani et al., Abutment selection, designing, and its influence on the emergence profile: A comprehensive review, European Journal of Prosthodontics, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2013)

Stock Abutment Vs. CAD/CAM Customized Abutment

“….Stock abutments are cylindrical or divergent at most, which is clearly different from the emergence profile of natural teeth, hence providing compromised support to the proximal and labial peri-implant soft tissues. Rompen and colleagues experimented with a stock, gingivally converging abutment design, which resulted in the formation of extra soft tissues, but his findings could not be confirmed by others…. The CAD/CAM process optimally controls the geometry of the abutment including the position of the outline in accordance with the neighboring natural roots and the gingival margin, subsequently reducing the risk on cement remnants deep in the sulcus. The finish of the abutment is controlled, preventing sharp edges and the design can compensate for poor implant angulations….”

(Schepke et al., Stock Versus CAD/CAM Customized Zirconia Implant Abutments, Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research, Volume 19, Number 1, 2017)

CAD/CAM Customized Abutment Stock Abutment
Contours Ideal Limited
Interface Excellent Good
Anesthesia No Yes
Patient Experience Pleasant Uncomfortable

Compatible Implant Systems

Implant systems of ALL major implant manufacturers



  • Cement-retained implant-supported crowns & bridges

  • SCRP Implant-supported crowns & bridges (custom abutments and crowns with screw access hole)

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