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    Sports Guards

    Sports guards are mouth pieces typically worn by athletes in order to prevent injury of the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue that may result from physical contact in sports. Their rubber-like material and structural design help to absorb and dissipate the force of impact, therefore lessening the severity of any oral injuries.

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    • A mouth guard is a device that is made of a specialized rubber-like material. It is typically used to fit over the upper teeth and help to prevent injury of the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. Mouth guards are usually used by athletes to prevent tooth loss, though they also may reduce the risk and severity of jaw fractures and concussions that could result from body contact in sports.

    • An American Dental Association report indicates that the use of mouth guards can reduce the incidence and severity of sports-related oral injuries.

    • The design of a mouth guard is very important in order to minimize the impact and pressure when force is applied to it.

    • The mouth guard’s material and structure should have rigid stress-dissipating capabilities as well as soft shock-absorbing capabilities to protect the tooth-bone complex during traumatic incidents.

    • Properly-fitted mouth guards, specifically custom-made mouth guards, should be recommended in order to reduce common complaints, such as difficulty in breathing and speaking.

    • Mouth guards fabricated by CreoDent satisfy the following:

      • Fabrication based on well-controlled experimental designs and scientific evidence
      • Minimization of problems in breathing and speaking through the application of proper design
      • No influence on ventilation and oxygen consumption because of proper design and fit


    “Mouth guard users had significantly lower rates of dental injuries and soft tissue injuries than non-users.”

    – Labella et al., Effect of mouth guards on dental injuries and concussions in college basketball, Med Sci Sports Exerc, 2002

    “There was a significant protective effect of custom made mouth guards, compared to commercial mouth guards during activities.

    -Finch et al., Should football players wear custom fitted mouth guards? Results from a group randomized controlled trial, Injury Prevent, 2005


    • An athlete or person who recognizes the need for oral protection

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