Stone Models Are a Thing of the Past!

With the rapid proliferation of the use of 3D printing and intraoral scanners, the demand for 3D printed models has increased dramatically. To meet this demand, CreoDent offers a variety of models for our clients’ use. Among them is the DIM model, which is created using the latest, most precise, and most accurate 3D printing systems in the current market. DIM models come with 3D printed soft tissue for each implant restoration unit and use Trilok Analogs for ease of use. Trilok Analogs have a unique 3 locking feature that will create a secure fit to the DIM model without any adhesive or screws like other digital analogs in the market. The combination of all of these materials makes CreoDent’s DIM models the best in accuracy and quality throughout the dental laboratory industry. This is truly a winning solution for the digital workflow of any implant restoration.

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