Who We Are

We believe in changing how dental solutions are provided. That has been our aim since 1996, when a visionary dental technician who saw changes coming to the industry started a small dental laboratory business, known as Oral Arts NYC. It is this same innovative spirit that has led us to grow and utilize new, problem-solving technology.

We specialize in both implant and esthetic dentistry and are capable of full mouth rehabilitation. We have confidence in our talented, experienced, and dedicated staff to create the best dental solutions possible. Even as we rapidly grow and continue to technologically advance, we have stayed true to providing only the best to our clients.

  • The beginning

    Established Jun Dental Laboratory in NYC

  • Partnership with NYU

    Became a designated dental lab for NYU implant program

  • 1st Milling Center

    Opened CREODENT Milling Center in NYC

  • Established CAD/CAD Library

    Started CAD/CAM Milling Production

    Established CREODENT CAD/CAM Library

    Started to mill full contour zirconia crowns & copings for labs

    Became a distributor for Arum Milling Machines

  • Received 510(K) clearance

    Received 510(K) clearance on Solidex®

    CAD/CAM Custom Abutments

    Started 5Axis Milling Operation

  • Acquired Dentium USA Milling Cente

    Acquired Dentium USA Milling Center in NJ

    Became OEM milling center for Dentium

    Worked with Hiossen to mill OEM custom abutments in US

  • Became Medit Scanner distributor

    Became Medit Scanner distributor for NYC Metropolitan Area

    Became the main distributor of Adin Zirconia Blocks

  • Acquired Goldsmith & Glassman

    Acquired Goldsmith & Glassman

    Started to work with iTero intraoral scanner, 3M intraoral scanner and Cerec Omni CAM intraoral scanner

    Became the first lab in NYC to work with CareStream intraoral scanner

  • Established CreoMC in Newburgh, NY

    Established CROEDENT Milling Center Hudson Valley in Newburgh, NY

    Started Swiss Turning Milling

    Received 6 additional FDA 510(K) clearances that made up a total of 12 clearances to mill custom CAD/CAM abutments in-house

  • Developed CREODENT Solidex Ti-Base

    Developed CREODENT Solidex Ti-Base

    Became an exclusive OEM milling center for Sweden & Martina Implant in US

  • Developed Triloc Analogs

    Developed Triloc Analogs for stone and 3D printed models

    Became distributor for Medit Intraoral scanner in US

  • Developed 3D print night guard

    Became distributor for Invivo Juvora PEEK material in US

    Developed 3D digital denture program with Ivoclar Vivadent and Dentsply Sirona

    Developed 3D print night guard product, GOOD KNIGHT Guard

  • Today

    We are moving fast forward…

Our Vision

Create satisfaction for all people with dental care needs through perfection and passion

We believe in the power of perfection and passion to achieve the ultimate satisfaction for our customers. Perfection, powered by innovation and enabled by efficiency, and passion, contributed by people who are welcomed, respected, and appreciated, will create more smiles for everyone.

Our Mission

Be the digital dentistry leader and the most advanced and reliable dental solution brand

CreoDent’s approach to digital dentistry leadership is bold and progressive, with our technology serving as a catalyst for the innovation of dental care solutions. It also revolves around the belief that dental solutions are all about people. Our solutions make a difference in the lives of all of our customers

What We Stand For

To create satisfaction for customers and be the digital dentistry leader, we follow our core values. These values are what we stand for and are always kept in the back of our mind.


The best technologies change and expand on what people already do, instead of holding them back. CreoDent helps dental care providers to break down barriers and create dental solutions through new perspectives.


It keeps us up with the advancement and makes us lead. Passion impels us to evolve to provide the solutions our clients don’t even know they need.Passion holds our standards high.


Well-planned solutions aren’t enough. Our solutions have to deliver the best results. The value of our solutions is measured in how they make a difference.


Understanding is the 1st step to engagement with our clients. We understand the challenges that both dental care providers and patients face. We strive to overcome the challenges together.


Satisfaction should always come first when creating dental care solutions. It is not one directional but it goes both ways with the best dental care solution.


We strive for excellence in all that we do. True excellence requires that each individual be able to work in an atmosphere of respect, dignity, and acceptance.

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